Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ulani grabs the golden glove

Well done to Ulani Greene who won the coveted Golden Glove award. Sensei Riley said "Ulani continues to show excellent technique".

Monday, 11 March 2013

Mason Kicks on

Well done to Mason Nuttall who performed brilliantly in a recent Flying Kick Competition.  Mason shown his "Flying" Colours as he won the competition 5 times to receive this medal.  
Sensei Riley added " A very good performance, well done Mason"

Bradford Grading Day

A big well done to everyone at Katana Jiu-Jitsu Bradford who performed brilliantly at their recent Grading day.  Sensei Riley has been teaching at Bradford for many years and has added "A great display with good technique shown by all our students, well done"

Junior Gold Tabs & Black Belts

Congratulations to everyone on Grading day, as the Gold tabs and the Junior Black Belt grading was an impressive display.  
Sensei Riley added "Excellent technique shown and to a very high standard"